Let's Keep the Administators/Moderators Busy (Game)!


Was Eheavy now Elite lol
Never really liked that shade of brown, even on 1977s. Too close to a certain waste product's shade of color.

Besides, everyone knows red is the best color for sports cars. Unless it's a Lamborghini, in which case yellow is the best.
Well..that brown more like my favorite/favourite chocolate bar...not one to follow the crowd, that "rule of thumb" about red doesn't apply to me..known fact "red sports cars" get more tickets!

Now here is a beauty...
1978 Corvette Indy 500 Pace Car



Was Eheavy now Elite lol
Note @CashCrate Dana ...when I click on reply to add a quote to my posting and "post reply"..this happens

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briguy: I believe this is related to the security we have in place for the site/forum. It's something we're continuing to look into and from what I've seen, the "Oops" message is pretty sporadic.