Last Goodbye


Dime Crater
Hi all, with the news of CashCrate closing I've been branching out as a survey taker vagabond and think its time for me to move on, February will officially be the last month that I've made money using CC and I'm gonna miss you guys. I signed up in Nov, 2017 but was not active until June of 2018 and in that short time I have made $1800 on this site, not too shabby! Although I was never really active or vocal on the forums I was there lurking in the shadows and keeping up to date and most of you guys are really cool, especially Dana who was always super helpful and close to the community! That's the biggest reason I regret the site closing, the entire community was really close and even in the monthly contests it was always fun racing people in the leader boards! Well I've rambled long enough, farewell CC and fellow Craters!

Beth M

Dollar Crater

You became active a couple of months after me then and I've earned just a little bit more than you - definitely not too shabby!

I think I've sorted out where I'm going to move across to now. Somewhere that doesn't have terrible reviews, annoying layouts, or very low pay, and seems to operate with integrity. Fingers crossed it won't suddenly deactivate me (them being cheats, not me) or go out of business.

Best of luck to you! :)