Kick Back in a Hammock Captions Contest

"Even I, The First Lady, must get high every once in a while. Donald will never find me up here suspended above his LegoLand!"
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As usual, it was so hard to pick the winners. There were so many great entries!

Here is the list of winners though and prizes will be awarded shortly:

1st Place ebayemailalerts Post 26 $3,500 a month and I still have to share a bathroom!

2nd Place Minski Post 88 "I can finally confirm that there is indeed a Starbucks on every street and people do walk around naked in their apartments on a Tuesday afternoon."

3rd Place 7740742 Post 109 "Ok Photoshop, you got me into this mess, now get me out."

4th Place 7706318 Post 43 "Here at Cash Crate we look out and survey the world." And Post 75 "I am master of all I survey."

5th Place briguy Post 76 The sky is the limit at Cashcrate!

6th Place JaleesaD Post 7 When they said I'd be living the "high life" this is NOT what I had in mind!

7th Place Steve42 Post 68 It was pure serenity...until the flock of seagulls flew overhead…

8th Place Superspootman Post 36 Probably should not have taken that ex-lax this morning

9th Place 7686475 Post 45 This is not what i meant when I said I wanted to get "Hired"!

10th Place whoareyou Post 23 Check out my new tiny house!