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Thank you!

I've made a plan to dedicate an hour per day on signing up to forums and posting with my banner in my signature. Slowly over time and consistency I think it will contribute. I'm good at writing so a blog in future is easily done but I have a bit too much on my plate for all that now.

Thanks, Dana, you're always so kind. :)


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Even after all these years ( ) I still participate in forums (glad this one back online)!

A few tips about forums..
(1) Join forums that interest you on topics that you are familiar with! Make sure to study the rules about signatures, some forum don't allow signatures till a certain amount of post have been done! Also, some don't allow affiliate links (that where having a blog comes in).

(2) Majority of them have a "Introduction" section, that would be one of the first places that I would post in.

(3) Lurk the forum and study some of the topics, you will gain knowledge and get an understanding of how the forum operates.

(4) Ask questions, just try not to take some of the answers personally, (no matter where you go online, there will be trolls (simply put, members who feed off of controversy).

(5) Answer questions, share your knowledge in a positive encouraging way (being positive helps with forum "rep" and might get a lurker/guest to check out your signature!

(6) Don't SPAM the forum...try to stay on topic and add value to the thread! Again helps with forum "rep"!

Note even though forums have been replaced by Facebook/Google+/etc groups, they still are a useful tool in a "promoters belt"

Anyway hope these suggestion help you (and guests/members) and good luck


Was Eheavy now Elite lol
Above post ^ is so helpful.

Can CashCrate banners be used somehow on Instagram, I wonder? :unsure:
Just my thoughts, might be hard to do but a image of you smiling holding your last check/cheque should work! Also, a few members (like me) will register a domain and link it to their Cashcrate referral number (also a blog website), so rather than seeing your referral number inserted on your check/cheque they see your domain!

Just my thoughts, hopefully other members will share theirs..

Beth M

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Thanks, those were my thoughts too. Rather interesting. :unsure::unsure::unsure:

Well, I got my first referral from a forum yesterday. Just one, but everyone has to start somewhere, right? :)

I've got a screenshot of it here:

Screen Shot 2018-07-28 at 1.49.36 PM.png

Does the wee bit that says 'Bonuses $2.98' mean what the referred person earned and I got a chunk of it, or is that for something else?

Sorry for all the questions! I usually just do surveys and play games, that's all.
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