How to Get Paid Earlier

Want to get paid earlier? Just refer 25 Active USA members who complete at least 1 Survey or Cash Offer and you’ll reach the Silver level. You can also reach the Silver Level by earning $100 or more.

Why you should become Silver

-You get paid earlier. Your check is sent to be printed/then mailed right around the 1st instead of the 15th. So you get it sooner.

-PayPal payments become available for those Silver members who have cashed at least one check.

-You earn a higher referral commission. The commission on First Level referrals increases from 20% to 25%.

-Direct Deposit becomes available to USA members when they reach Silver. Direct Deposit gets the money in your hands even faster.

-Another Referral Bonus option becomes available:

$1 Bonus when a referral from the USA, Canada, or the UK completes their first Cash Offer or Daily Survey (available to Silver+)
$3 Bonus when a referral earns their first $10 (available to Bronze and above)
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