How many accounts per household?


Quarter Crater
I want to refer my Father but we both live at the same address. How many accounts per household can you have? I remember in the past years ago that it was only one account per household. I want to know how many accounts per household it is now
Here is our general policy on this: It's OK for two people in the same household to use our site. Each person may have just one account and is only permitted to use their own account ( More than two people in the same household and some survey providers may start blocking you from accessing their surveys.
Multiple accounts are not specifically mentioned in the terms, but the terms do state that "Users may not have more than one account. Additionally, users are prohibited from selling, trading, or otherwise transferring their CashCrate account to another party."

Under Member Obligations, it also states:

"To have only one CashCrate membership and account and not to attempt to open multiple accounts or memberships, as CashCrate only allows one account per person;

Not to refer oneself to CashCrate or to attempt to do so"

That is why we stress with 2 accounts per household, "Each person may have just one account and is only permitted to use their own account."


Quarter Crater
I think you misunderstood me Dana. Im not trying to make multiple accounts. I want to refer my Father. We live in the same household. Wanted to know make sure its ok but you answered my question.

Another question I wanted to ask is if do refer my father will I tell my sister and girlfriend and they cant do surveys anymore when they come to my house. My sister and girlfriend both have different addresses, They dont live in the same household with me. When my girlfriend comes over I let her do surveys on my computer. I referred my sister recently. Will the companies block me being that its coming from the same IP address. You said it may happen
It's best to access no more than 2 CashCrate accounts from the same residence. If there are more than 2 accounts accessing CashCrate from the same residence, it could also cause some survey providers to start blocking you from accessing their surveys.

Thanks for asking.


Quarter Crater
Ok one more question . Me and my father live in the same household. My sister or girlfriend dont live in my household or residence. Is it ok if Im on cashcrate on my computer in my bedroom and hes on cashcrate on his tablet in his bedroom at the same time? Is it ok if we both on doing surveys there at the same time from those two seperate devices
That should be fine, but I'd recommend completing different surveys. His survey list should differ from yours though (at least somewhat) as his demographics will be different from yours.