How long have you been with CashCrate?

Just under a year! Wished I discovered this a decade ago. Had a slow start with CC, but momentum really picked up late last year. It's been pretty good so far!
That's awesome! I remember it taking me a little bit to get accustomed to CC. But before long, it turned out to be an amazing decision.
I'd like to say welcome back too, cr8rA. There aren't as many big ticket offers as there used to be, but we still get some. Surveys are also a great way to earn, and a lot of our big earners complete surveys consistently.

Nice to have you back. :)


Was Eheavy now Elite lol
Lol, I always did get a kick out the modesty/vagueness of @CashCrate Dana ! Pretty sure that a few of those years, was before he became a "Admin" (smart move by management)!

Too bad Cashcrate forum didn't have a "Elite" (etc) badge that goes under your avatar...(p.s. that my unique/subtle way of saying, he reached "Elite" status before his promotion!_
Thanks briguy. :)

I still need to explore this new forum admin and look more at things like awards and badges. I'm not sure how I'd tie it into the main site elite status though, and that might require some help from developers.

As for being a member, I was a member here between 1.5 to 2 years before becoming an admin. Amazing how fast the time has gone by!