Highstartgroup survey captcha


Dime Crater
Now I can't get into Cashcrate because the CAPTCHA is not working for me. It keeps asking to select fire hydrants, buses, bicycles. Everytime I click on the correct image, it refresh/reloads.
Can you try another browser and see if that helps?

Also, can you log out of CashCrate and delete all cookies and temporary Internet files. Sometimes doing that can help as well.
Do you have any popup or ad blockers turned on? If so, can you try turning them off?

What type of device are you using to access CashCrate?

Can you try manually refreshing the images with the refresh icon to see if that helps as well?


Dime Crater
Window 10 PC. I use Google Chrome.

Now after those fail attempts it's completely blocking me out. Reading the Google support forum, many are having the same reCAPTCHA issues.
I'm only seeing one other report of a Captcha issue today, and that one appears to be different. Can you try logging in a little later today and let me know if you're still having the same issue?

Also, did you check for ad/pop up blockers? I have seen some reports of those causing issues.