Penny Crater
I love that there is a games option here on CashCrate. I find myself immersed in it more than usual. Just a question. After a game is completed, it shows you your final score. It also shows how many points you earned. What are the points used for? I can't seem to find any info about it.
elvisdo, we checked into this further for you.

With the newer games, it seems "points" are appearing under the score for the Arcade type games, but not something we're using on our end since the new games are paying in cash. That score display is coming from the game provider's end.

If you are looking to earn CashCrate points though, we do have points offers available here:


Beth M

Dollar Crater
Since the site was updated I can't get access to play the games at all times. Only some of the time. :unsure:

It's a bit sad for me because I used to enjoy playing them in between surveys. Now whenever I click them a box flashes up telling me 'TP Link Malware'. I also can't do any of the offers because of the same message (although those never worked for me since I first joined).

Any ideas? All the surveys work great for me and always have. It's just the offers and now games. That warning message just boots me out. Occasionally though it doesn't come up for the games and I can play them. But 90% of the time it won't let me.
Can you send me a message with a screen cap of what you are seeing? Also, are you using any popup or ad blockers? I searched for the message you are seeing and running an anti-virus/malware scan may help as well.