Games not working


Dollar Crater
Is there something going on with the games? I can press "play" but that's about it. The games don't load.


I do have the latest version of shockwave.
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Dollar Crater
I'm using Firefox 52. I just tried IE and it sort of works. It loads, but then gets stuck. Chrome doesn't appear to support Shockwave anymore.

I'll try reinstalling Shockwave and see what happens.

Update: Shockwave itself installed a new version on March 14th. I reinstalled it, but it's the same version so it didn't make any difference. That new version seems to be what's causing the problems.

Just tried on my computer that's running Vista. It did work (took forever) and it has a way older version of Shockwave, but a relatively recent version of Firefox.

Dana, are you able to load games?
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I've seen a few instances where members have had trouble loading the games. We are talking with the game developers about the possibility of upgrading them and possibly moving them away from using shockwave.


Dollar Crater
It's an issue with the latest shockwave security update from Adobe. I've reported the bug to Adobe. One option is to find an earlier version of Shockwave Flash. The current version is

IE works for a minute or so, then hangs. Chrome doesn't support Shockwave any longer.

Also, if you have an older computer running Vista, that should work too.
Games will load for me but won't let me click on things. 3 times I've tried only to not be able to do more than a couple of moves on Pyramid, and then wasn't able to go to the next hand. Tripeaks I couldn't click on anything. And I'm using an earlier version of Shockwave.