Encraves not working


Quarter Crater
There are a bunch of encraves listed but when you click on any of them it brings you to a blank page that says please wait....nothing happens. They were working fine earlier. What's going on?:confused:
I just tested Encrave. One video was not available, but when I tried other categories it worked correctly. Can you provide more details on the issue you're having?


Dime Crater
Encrave not working for me either

I am having similar problems with encrave. It will show all the categories but when I click on it, it will say "no activities available". It has been doing this for several days. I wasn't sure if this problem was unique to me or if others were having this issue as well.

Unfortunately it looks like a block has been put in place. Encrave does not share details with us about blocks and unfortunately they do not reinstate users after they have been blocked. I am sorry about that. On a good note though, we still have lots of other ways for you to make money.