Cashcrate closing

How is FusionCash in comparison to SuperPayMe?
I'm not around here much and never really post in the forum, but as a seasoned veteran at FusionCash I can vouch for it as being top notch. Tight forum community and you get paid $3 a month just for contributing to the forum discussions over there. Very friendly and helpful people. (You can look me up over there as username UGetPaid). I would share my referral link, but I have to assume it's against the rules! Even though it's only going to be around for a few more weeks - I don't want to get banned from Cash Crate before I cash out!! ;-)
Try Treasure Tr00per. Replace the "00" of course and the spaces. It has lots of yoursurveys. Not sure about Pulleys, but they have tons of surveys and offers. It has actually been around longer than CC. Can be more complicated, depending on what you're doing, but it is worth it for sure. Many many features, too many to list here. They have monthly contests that are usually based on individual achievements, rather than a competition. One of the occasional monthly contests is a raffle where you get 1 ticket for each $1 of earnings. Once the raffle entries hits 50, 1 entrant gets $10, then the raffle count is reset and it starts over.
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^ Ah, that is awesome, thanks so much. (y)(y)(y)

I've joined Junkie and Fusion so far. So Trooper will be next. Hopefully by the time CashCrate ends I'll be able to carry on earning pretty much the same elsewhere.

I don't like change, but all these GPT sites are simple enough. The issue is their trustworthiness. Fingers crossed it's a pretty painless crossover to somewhere else that'll be just fine.
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Still, we have a unique perspective, having been around for so long, and we plan to continue to serve the community in a new way once the program is officially shuttered.

Serve the community in a new way. Let me know please when you do because I will be there supporting and helping as much as I can. I want to see you guys succeed so lets do this. I'm guessing forums will stay here until we know what is going on and if you guys do attempt this again.