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1 Excuse my ignorance but someone explains to me if Cashcrate closes in general that is to say that you will not be able to complete any type of surveys in Cash crate?
You're welcome to continue completing offers & surveys on our site until the end of March. We'll continue to issue payments on schedule for everyone who reaches the minimum payout by that time.

After April 1st we won't have any paid surveys listed on Cashcrate anymore. The site will continue on in some fashion to provide information about making money online, but you won't be able to actually earn money here anymore.

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After the adrenaline of yesterday, I just feel depressed now. This place was here for years and as soon as I get to love it, it closes. :oops:

I don't like Swagbucks, I don't want to go there.

Thanks, CC team, for providing such an awesome GPT site. I'll always have fond memories of my time here with the community.

Take care, everyone.
Agreed. :)


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Very disappointing news. To be honest, when I logged on yesterday and saw the news I just thought CashCrate was getting rid of the Rewards Program, meaning referral bonuses, new members joining, and contests. Then I read it a few more times and realized it was closing for good. I've been member for almost 4 years and I've enjoyed taking surveys, making a little money, learning about new products, and making my own schedule.

A big thank you to the administrators. They have been really nice and patient helping me with the many questions I've had, especially CashCrate Dana.

Any idea which survey sites out there today have the Opinion Network, Opinion Bar, and YourSurveys. From my experience those three surveys are the highest quality, and highest paying surveys to do.

I clicked the swagbucks link and it says my info was given and to look out for an email. That was yesterday and I still haven't received any email from them. I don't want to sign up with the $10 bonus if I am entitled to $20.
I am heartbroken about the closing of Cash Crate. It is one of my favorite sites. Although I must say, I have had that foreboding since the beginning of the year that something was up....not as many offers to qualify for, the games went (and I loved the daily jigsaw puzzle, looked forward to it every morning), things just seemed to creep along at a very slow pace. I belong to Swag***** already, and I do like it, but some days are very difficult to make the daily quota. It just seems once we find some way to supplement our income, it gets pulled out from under us. I wish all of the admins well, as well as all of the people who are members here.
i use another site called points2shop. minimum payout on paypal is $1 after verification. they are very strict about their rules though.
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i use another site called points2shop. minimum payout on paypal is $1 after verification. they are very strict about their rules though.
There is no site as strict as points2shop. You can earn money there and as you said can cash out on PayPal with as little as a dollar in your account.But a lot of people may not want to deal with all the hassles. If you are with them for any length of time the odds are at least once your account will be restricted. Accused of breaking one of their many rules. You can usually get it resolved quickly with customer service especially if what you were accused of doing was not intentional. But it still can be a pain to deal with. Proxies and VPNs are a no no. Certain software installed on your computer might get you flagged. Logging in on anything but your home network can also cause problems. Even changing your address. A few years ago I moved and had to send them a copy of my driver's license and a utility bill to prove to them I actually lived where I said I did. I know people try to cheat but this is going to an extreme. On every other site I can think of you just change your address in your profile and that is it. It takes a few seconds. But not points2shop.

But as for Cash Crate I think they knew for a while they would be closing. They just didn't know the exact date until now. One thing I wish they did was let us know earlier they were closing but they maybe didn't because the date wasn't yet determined. I was able to do a 20.00 cash out at the end of December. If they knew then they were closing instead of sending us our money automatically once we got to 20.00 dollars we should have had the option to build up our account until the closing date. Because the way it stands now no way I will hit 20.00 again by 3/31/19. So it doesn't pay to even try to earn money here anymore.

I really like Swagbucks and have belonged to the panel for a long time. No real problems other than somebody this past year opened up a second account in my name and it took me a couple of months to get things resolved. Plus this person cashed out for a 15.00 Amazon card which I never ordered. Their customer service can be slow or at least not as fast as I would like it to be. A couple of months not being able to access the site hurt because this one is a good money maker for me. Usually am able to do at least one 25.00 cash out each month and sometimes more. Like all of these sites they have things that are frustrating. Can be difficult some days to reach your daily goal especially on a weekend when the survey pickings tend to be slim. Plus the more days you reach your goal the harder they make it to continue doing so. Now on most days my goal is at least 100 swagbucks which often can be difficult to reach. But if you are a newbie they will probably start you off easy. Maybe like 30 each day at the beginning and then slowly increase it.
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I think very fondly of CashCrate, but I do have to be honest. I think after that security breach in 2017 things were never as good. After that some of the best surveys disappeared, having to enter the Captcha to sign in became tiring, and other quality surveys that used to credit every time when you submitted your answers now disqualify you a lot when you submit your answers. I was never the highest earner on here, but for years I made $220-$240 a month. After the security breach I make $80-$100, so less than half. Just my opinion but I think if the 2017 security breach didn't happen CashCrate would still but going strong today.
I am very sad by this news,but I just want to say thank you for many great years! I've been a member since 2011,but have been earning on it since 2012. I know we'll definitely miss Cashcrate. I've started doing SurveyJunkie and I love Tellwut.