Cash Offers

You can consistantly make payout and more every month, just by doing Cash Offers.

If you're new to Cash Offers, start by watching: Video Tutorial: Getting Started

and reading the CashCrate Offer Guide: Offer Questions - The Definitive Guide!

How to Complete an Offer

1. Click on the Offers Tab.

2. Click on the Offer you'd like to complete. The Offer displays in a new screen.

3. Complete the offer to the very end, making sure to use 100% truthful information. You can see a lot more details about what's required to complete an offer here: How do I complete Offers?

4. After completing the entire offer, click the Submit button on the Main Offers Page.

See what cash offers are approving for other members (view the last page for most current posts)
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Sorting The Offer List

To Sort the Offer List:

1. Click the button at the end of the "Sort by" list.

2. You can sort offers by:

-Rating (the best approving offers appear at the top of the list)

-Newest (the newest offers appear at the top of the list)

-Payout (offers are arragned by highest to lowest payout)

-Cost (only useful for Trial Offers, not useful for 100% Free Offers)

-Name (arranges the offer list alphabetically, from A to Z)
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Showing Offer Type: 100% Free or Trial Offers

To Display Offer Types

1. Click the button at the end of the "Show" list.

2. You can choose to show:

-All Offers
-100% Free
-Trial Offers
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