Canadians: What's your current Cash Crate experience like and can we get some organization?

How's it going for you? I like CC but it seems a bit lacking in comparison to sites like Earnably and Swagbucks.

Hope we can see some updates and improvements to the site in the near future since the forums are opening back. Maybe signs of more to come?

Edit: It seems like their competitor is censored on here? I won't mention it by name I guess but I'm sure you know the big kahuna in the survey/offer game.
Unfortunately because of spam, we do have to put some censoring in place on the forum.

If you're seeing offers/surveys for Canadians on other sites that we don't have on CashCrate, please feel free to send me a message with that info and I'll get it to our team. We are always looking for more earning opportunities for all of our members. Thanks.


Was Eheavy now Elite lol
Hey there BIGBOIDADDY! Been a member of Cashcrate now for a lot of years!
Seen sites come and go since I started making money online!
Cashcrate always been a great site for me! As for "big kahuna", my earnings prove that Cashcrate is the only "kahuna"!