Bonus Surveys

Bonus Surveys are a great way to earn money. Lots of CashCrate members are cashing in. To access the Bonus Surveys, just click the Bonus Surveys Tab. You'll find:

-Paid Games
-Tons of ways to make more money

Check out the Bonus Surveys and start making more money today. Earnings from Bonus Survey items are added to your total Bonus amount on your CashCrate account.
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Completing Bonus Offers

The Offers are really easy to complete!

1. Display the Bonus Surveys page.

2. Read the Offer descriptions and find the one you want to complete.

3. Click on the offer. An Offer Tip box opens, explaining how to complete the offer.

4. Click the Take Offer button. The offer opens on screen.

5. Complete the offer to the very end and make sure to meet all of the offer requirements.

Tip: You can choose different offer categories and sort options:

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Unlocking Bonus Surveys

Want to complete Bonus Surveys and earn even more?

1. Display the Bonus Surveys page.

2. If you are a first time user, you'll need to unlock surveys by answering simple questions. To get started, complete the Peanut Labs profile to unlock surveys.

3. Keep answering questions until you have unlocked the surveys.

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Completing Bonus Surveys

1. Display the Bonus Surveys page.

2. Click on the Survey you'd like to try.

3. A Pre-Qualification box usually appears. Answer all the questions.

4. When you qualify, a Survey will appear. Complete the survey to the very end with thoughtful, truthful answers.

Return for new surveys every day too!!
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How can I see the Bonus Offers and Surveys that I've completed?

1. Click the Bonus Surveys Tab.

2. Click the "Transactions" link near the top right.

3. You'll see a list of the Offers or Surveys that have been attempted and approved.
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