Black Friday


Half Buck Crater
I don't know how many of you know about this, but there's a Black Friday App. I'm not so certain if there is one compatible with Android or Windows platforms, but there is indeed a iOS (Apple) version in the app store. Basically the app make an entire list of all the stores participating in Black Friday and it leaks the sales. So, you can be informed how much you'll actually have to pay and what time the item goes on sale.

Take a look in your smartphone's app store to see if it's available. It definitely can't hurt to save some money. Just search Black Friday App


Nickel Crater
i was on they have the nest learning thremostat on sale for 249 + a 40$ amazon giftcard . i thought that would be a good find for some of you :)
i actually gotten that deal on amazon , i figured it kinda sucked , wished i could of just used that Giftcard right away towards the purchase , but i had to wait until it was completed and use the giftcard towards my next purchase