April Contest


For the month of April we are holding a contest to reward our top 10 users who complete the most number of offers and daily surveys with cash! Keep an eye on the contest leaderboard to see where you sit and check back often as we have a lot of great new offers planned for this month.

Good luck everyone!


Quarter Crater
This give's me the motivation to hit the ground rolling this month. It'd be sweet to complete the most offers I ever have and get an extra $100 on top of it. :D


*Cashcrate Junkie*
I agree, these type of contests with "how many offers you complete" rather than "how much money you make completing offers" are so much better. I probably won't have a chance either cuz my life has been crazy lately and I don't have the time to complete offers anymore... :( But good luck to those that participate!!
I've seen lots of offer and completion contests where someone starts off real fast and someone else does them slow and steady. It turns into a close race near the end of the month.
Like Dana said, don't pay attention to what someone has right now, they might be out of offers now! Keep going and you never know where you might wind up.


Half Buck Crater
oh well, i'm just shooting for an extra $10 at least. even if i don't get any extra i'll get a good amount of money just trying to win so i can't lose.
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