Any one having problems with Your Survey redirects ?


Nickel Crater
Since today afternoon i am having a hard time with your surveys . Everytime I try doing the surveys it shows error and that too many re directs occurred and i am not unable to proceed. I am unable to start any Your Surveys. I have tried clearing all the cookies etc and have also shut down and restarted my laptop several times . I also tried logging in through my tablet still I am getting the same issue . Can anyone suggest anything ? I have already mailed to the support. But i want to start doing surveys asap so need your help guys.

Support should reply within 24 to 36 hours of the request and looks like we replied to you on our Facebook page too. We didn't see any other reported issues of this and tested YourSurveys. It could be a temporary issue on the survey provider's side.
I see support replied to you and you sent a reply back: "Yes since today morning it is working fine."

It appears there may have been a temporary issue on the provider's end, but it didn't seem to affect other members in general. Glad to hear it is resolved and you are able to complete YourSurveys again.