Any one Filled FW8BEN form, who are not US person.


Quarter Crater
Every body am an active member of cashcrate since 2012 and i earned lots of money from CC but in the year 2016 i filled a form FW8BEN which is from cashcrate the form for whose who's earning is above $1000 per year i don't no exact figure and for non US citizens. So after i filled and send it to cashcrate by email, since then my earning is completely decline like i usually i earn $300 to $400 a month or even $700 a month some times and yearly income is $4,700 and in 2017 my earning was $150 a month and know its $30 a month in 2018. and i know there is a change in referral program but that's a significant change i mean a small change because my core earnings is from $1 per referral US,UK,Canada. so here the question is what is happening.? is cashcrate deducting my money because of FW8BEN form and i sign up with other surveys companies and i check my referrals are good. i don't no what to do so i popup a question for every one who faced a same problem and i also request cashcrate Joe, Dana to look into this matter and find a solution. Find a attachment below (FW8BEN form) i really need help now....


CashCrate does not deduct anything from your referral earnings. Submitting an FW8BEN form (or a W9 for USA members) has no direct affect on referral earnings. That form is actually an IRS form, and not a CashCrate form.

I did review your last 20 referrals, and out of the last 20, 3 have completed a few offers/surveys so far and you received $1 bonuses for those 3. In 2016 and years prior, we were working with a very high paying survey provider, and they ended up being sold to another survey company that paid lower rates. That could have some affect on your 2017/2018 earnings as well.

Unfortunately, older referrals sometimes become inactive. Continuing to refer new active members will hopefully help to increase your earnings again. I reviewed your account and I am not seeing any technical issues.


Quarter Crater
Thanks Dana for your earliest reply as i expected. if there is no deduction from earning then its ok. and the question/confirmation is still we get $1 for US,UK,Canada referrals and is there a direct deposit option because i read some where in CC about this.