All my money gone

Ok so I havent logged in for a week and today I finally logged in. MY account balance is 0$!WHY?? I had about 20 something dollars! What happened to my balance??
What? I didn't ask for my pament to be sent out??
And how is it being sent out? By check or paypal or Direct deposit. I would prefer a direct deposit but i dont see an option there.
Payments are sent automatically, on a set schedule. Since you reached $20+ in earnings in January and did not manually set a higher minimum payout, a payment was generated for you. ( )

Since you are outside of the USA, CashCrate would pay you by check. A check will be sent to the name and address on your CashCrate account. Direct Deposit is not available to members outside of the USA, but PayPal becomes available at the Silver Level:

To receive payments by Paypal you must reach silver level on our site and cash at least one check ( ). You can reach silver level by earning a total of $100 or by getting a total of 25 active referrals ( ).

If you'd like to set a higher minimum payout for future payments, you can choose <your name>, My Account near the top right and click the Payment Settings Tab:
Congratulations on reaching payout. If you need any help setting up your payment preferences for the future with the instructions Dana gave you, just let us know.