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09-21-2009, 07:16 PM
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Lightbulb Tips for Getting Referrals (posted by our Members)

If you've got a blog/site or plan on making one, these are good threads to check out:

Places to Create Free Blogs and Websites

How to Get Traffic to your Blog/Site

How to Create Your Own Site or Blog

Invite People

It's Easy! Invite people you know and earn more!

Referral Tips on the CashCrate Blog:

How do I get Referrals from a Forum? A Step by Step Guide

Building Trust: An Essential Referral Tactic

Another Great Way to Get Referrals: Flyer, Fliers, Pamphlets!

Technique Matters When You Refer

Also, here are some other threads where members have posted referral tips:

And here is a shortened/cleaned up version of the second link (with some new ideas added):

Places to Write Articles: Writing articles can also help you get traffic to a blog or website. Check it out:

Article Directories To Help Promote Your Websites

Backlinks and keywords help if you plan on making a site/blog:

Back links can help with Search Engine rankings over time. Good keywords/content is also important. And it's a good idea to update content from time to time too. This can also help with search engine rankings.

When you make posts about your blog/site, or include a blog/site link in your signature, you are creating something called a back link. A back link is just a link to your blog/site that you place on another site.

The great thing about well placed back links is that they can generate immediate traffic to your blog. And in time, they could help with search engine rankings too.

Feel free to post referral tips in other threads. We've gotten lots of really great tips from our members.

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