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    Pending/Disqualified Offers & Surveys

    Dana Is there anything wrong with the MTC dailey survey?I completed one this morning for .90 and never credited,so I waited and did it again later this morning and completed and still didnt credit. Thanks Randy
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    Pending/Disqualified Offers & Surveys

    Thanks for the update Dana----just wondering where it went and such. Have a good afternoon Randy
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    Pending/Disqualified Offers & Surveys

    What happened to the TAP RESEARCH survey on my daily survey list?I never told you to take it off,I want you to see why it doesnt credit and bring it back.I didnt want it taken off my list like that. Randy
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    Pending/Disqualified Offers & Surveys

    Dana Tap Research still isnt crediting for me even today,just completed one this morning and no credit. Daily survey 0n 7-5-18 at 7:42 AM I dont think Tap is letting you know I have completed their survey some how.Can you check to make sure of that. Thanks Randy
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    Pending/Disqualified Offers & Surveys

    Dana I completed a Tap Research survey daily survey for .60 and havent received credit.Is there a delay on these?
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    Global Test Market Surveys

    OK------thanks for the update Randy
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    Global Test Market Surveys

    Dana Is there an issue with GTM surveys? I cannot access because it tells me the site is down or cant be found.Have tried Chrome and Firefox browers,same issue.Im talking about the daily survey for .80. Thanks, Randy
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    Pending/Disqualified Offers & Surveys

    Dana, I am not getting credited for Tap Research today,I tried twice thinking maybe I need to try again, and completed both times,still nothing.Can you check on this for me.It is for .60. Randy
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    Payments & Others

    Dana I noticed this morning where someone has changed my payments from monthly to weekly,and I do not want that-------I want to keep it monthly like always...apparently when I reached $100 it changed.I went back in my account and put it back to monthly.Please make sure I get my check at first of...
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    Still Invalid

    Dana, Those offer surveys under SURVEYS tab still say invalid and has (URL) under them.Any timeframe when these will be fixed? Thanks----Randy
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    Slow Loading Pages

    Is anyone else having a problem with the Cashcrate site loading pages? it is very slow to load this morning,if at all.Just wondering what's up?Have tried Chrome and IE and same result.
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    This Months Contest

    Wanted to ask---------do we also get the money we have earned for completing surveys as well as a prize---- thats what Im here for---the cash Thanks
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    Same Ol Surveys

    Why do I keep getting the same old repetitive surveys in surveys and top surveys,most of which I have already completed days ago and can't do again?And most about beer,cars,and movies-BORING!!!!-----Please have new and better surveys to complete----I don't go to movies or drink alcohol,so I just...