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  1. briguy

    Make A Word Cashcrate Challenge!

    Can you make five words using the letters of "Cashcrate" ? (Okay, lets keep it simple, at least two words) using the letters of "Cashcrate" ? Note: There are 3 different words that contain 8 letters 11 words that contain 7 letters 37 words that contain 6 letters 73 words that contain 5...
  2. briguy

    Easy Money - Every Day!

    Did you know that you can make easy money from Cashcrate, just by checking in? It may not be a lot of money but it can be the little extra that helps you make payout! Have you checked in today? To "check in", sign into your Cashcrate account, click on "Check in" (it will be right under your...
  3. briguy

    Cashcrate Blog?

    Hey there, was just wondering if you have your own Cashcrate Blog (the free blog suppiled by Cashcrate )? If you do, please share the URL (link). Mine is briguy Blog. A few questions.. (1) How do you like the blog format? (2) Is it easy to use? (3) How do you...
  4. briguy

    Is Your Site Mobile Friendly?

    First off, if your blog is hosted by ( majority of templates are mobile friendly also pretty sure "Wordpress" are (mine are paid, so not sure about the free sites. Anyway, if you are wondering if your website/blog is mobile friendly, just put the URL (web address) in...
  5. briguy

    Video Idea For Getting Referrals

    This suggestion/tip of mine is based on my posting a suggestion for getting referrals from Youtube and or any other major video site. (a) Think of a something like the "fireplace" GIF shown in the above link! Maybe...
  6. briguy

    Domains For Sale ("Making Money" related)

    Hey there! Looking for a domain name for your blog? How about you just want to start your own hosted website and need a name? Maybe even you want a domain name as a redirect for your Cashcrate referral number (example realstat(dot)info) Did I get your attention, so far? Okay all you need to...
  7. briguy

    My Favorite Forum Link! Weirdest Posting Of The Day?

    Just wanted to share my favorite forum link! Willing to bet, that it is a forum link that you would never have quessed and probably never viewed (till now)! Well, here it is... Yes, when it comes to...
  8. briguy


    Love the deals... too bad, these deals weren't around when I first started! Would have saved a few bucks!;)
  9. briguy

    Free Fun Online Tools

    Hey there, just thought I share some free tools for you to have fun with! You like to have fun I like having fun! I sure like having fun playing around with free tools! ¡slooʇ ǝǝɹɟ ɥʇıʍ punoɹɐ ƃuıʎɐld unɟ ƃuıʌɐɥ ǝʞıl ǝɹns ı (1) Have Fun And Let A Ninja Write For You! (2) Have Fun...
  10. briguy

    Cashcrate Spam Plus Spam According To Google!

    Internet changing and changing fast...especially regarding SPAM (1)To understand what Cashcrate qualifies as spam... read or refresh yourself on this article Cashcrate Spam (written by the person who's name you see on your checks/cheques) (2) Now we have what "Google" starting to qualify as...
  11. briguy

    How To Clean Your Computer Screen Free Tip

    Just had to share this tip and a link How To Clean Your Computer Screen Tip from Hope this tips saves your computer screen...sure did to mine!
  12. briguy


    When do you figure this thread Positive versus Negative will pass 75,000 view? I figure within 7 days (or earlier) As of this posting Today 12:28 PM by briguy 7,147 73,496 73,496 views Sure would like to get (I know it not possible) a penny a view,that would be some nice extra money...
  13. briguy

    Submit Your Site To My Directory FREE!!!

    I have been working on a new and improved directory! This time, I paid for the hosting and have a registered a "short name domain" (easier to remember) for this directory also I bought a professional wordpress theme and a "directory widget" for the theme! Really learned a lesson dealing with a...
  14. briguy

    Happy Birthday adam7one!

    Just wanted to wish adam7one a Happy Birthday...according to what I just read, he is turning 21 years old (think they mark their days, differently in Australia ;)) To start the party off here is a cake and a little music from probably one of the best band from "down under" v2AC41dglnM]
  15. briguy

    Paid To Post At Cashcrate?

    Does Cashcrate pay you to post in the forums? Am I getting paid to post here? This is what I am talking about.. This just happened to me, just before I was about to reply to a thread. I glanced at the top part of the page and noticed my current earnings! Then I replied to the thread...
  16. briguy

    Is This True About ?

    Just was wondering if this is true Did anyone read a official announcement yet?
  17. briguy

    Website Review Critique

    Hey there! Sure would appreciate you taking a fast look at Making Only Money and if you have the time, answer the following questions.. (1) Did the site load fast (2) Did it look right in your browser (3) Were you using "mobile" (cellphone/tablet/etc) Not too worried about content right now...
  18. briguy

    Hats off to adam7one Great advice! (plus 2013 SEO tip)

    For those of you, who happened to come across any of adam7one postings (adam7one is a Elite with a impressive amount of referral), you might have noticed that he shares willingly a personal SEO tip that explains why his websites /blog do great.... Basically adam7one mentions "long content for...
  19. briguy

    Anyone Up For A Fun Forum Challenge?

    A post by ancientmage8 got me thinking about a forum challenge among members. What I like the challenge to be.. (1) Pick a forum thread (copy and paste the "view" if you know how post a "screenshot) then post the thread URL in this thread. (2)...
  20. briguy

    Interesting Find On Google!!

    Believe it or not...Google does have a fun side! Go to Google search and type in Zerg Rush...wait for a few seconds Check the results! Was I right about Google?