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  1. heavenlygirl

    I'm back sorry for being mia

    thank you I lost 2 uncles, a childhood friend and my daughter lost her childhood friend
  2. heavenlygirl

    I'm back sorry for being mia

    hello everyone sorry for being mia. we are finally on our own land and own it. we have had several deaths these past few months. I am ready to get back at it.
  3. heavenlygirl

    my brithday

    I have to change my age on all the surveys now to 42 years old. since I turned 42 years old today.
  4. heavenlygirl

    a most difficult day today

    this time in 2007 my friend was brutally killed so its always a sad time for me. I miss her a lot. work will help me get passed this day.:(
  5. heavenlygirl

    we have a new addition in our family

    for an early birthday present I got a puppy;)
  6. heavenlygirl

    starting bible college

    I am going to bible college to become a minister. a 41 soon to be 42 year old freshman. any study advice and tips on note taking would be appreciated. its been many many years since I've been in school. any advice on memorization as well would help.
  7. heavenlygirl

    yahoo sold out to verizon

    i got a message in my email box. they have new terms of service which includes if you receive survey panels in the mail or anything that is spam you will be blocked from yahoo and banned. the switch takes place on June 8th. I am switching everything over now.
  8. heavenlygirl

    just curious

    why do some surveys ask for a webcam? we don't have one its not safe to use.
  9. heavenlygirl

    setting a personal goal

    to earn $5.00 a day . this is a realistic goal will help our family financially. keeping my fingers crossed on reaching this.
  10. heavenlygirl

    May check

    I moved to a new address the post office recognizes it but the computer doesn't. I haven't received the check for May yet? do I need to have it sent to my parent's address so I can receive it. let me know .
  11. heavenlygirl

    for those who use yahoo

    they have been having problems with hacking mine got hacked into. I had to change my email as a result. so anyone using yahoo might want to go to a different server. just an fyi
  12. heavenlygirl

    referral sign up

    my mom was trying to sign up under me but when I tried to help it claimed her email is already in use. can you help us out? why its saying its already in use when my mom had trouble signing up thanks
  13. heavenlygirl

    question on free samples

    I have been checking them out. how many have signed up for them? how successful are they? do you ever receive the free samples? I like to know your experiences before doing them. when its something new I like to ask others opionons first.
  14. heavenlygirl

    I'm back

    Just got all moved back in to my own land:) back up and running on the internet. it took much longer to move than we hoped for. I am back and ready to get back to work. (Katie)