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  1. missdecember82

    Wish me luck for Storm Florence!

    Stay safe and God be with you.
  2. missdecember82

    I need a new computer

    I just about had it with this computer, it runs too slow and always not responding, I just makes me so :mad:. Maybe when I make enough money on here, I'm going to buy me a new one and get rid of this one.
  3. missdecember82

    Question about 3D glasses

    Will 3D glasses with a flat screen TV, or do you have a special TV for them to work?
  4. missdecember82

    This is really terrible... Please read!

    This was posted by a woman on Facebook who this happen to Yesterday at Wal-Mart we encountered what everyone has been posting about . This happened at the one in New Iberia on admiral Doyle . Thankfully we already had Kaisley in the basket because she likes to run off or linger behind . My mom...
  5. missdecember82

    Just droppin' in to say...

  6. missdecember82

    Hi, I have made a payout and said that I will be getting a check in September. I wanted to know...

    Hi, I have made a payout and said that I will be getting a check in September. I wanted to know what date I suppose to be getting my check?
  7. missdecember82

    The Official "I got paid!" Thread

    Really? I didn't see that.
  8. missdecember82

    The Official "I got paid!" Thread

    Were you posting this to me or to someone else?
  9. missdecember82

    The Official "I got paid!" Thread

    That's terrific! :) :). I hope I make a lot like that.
  10. missdecember82

    Summer Fun August Survey Contest!

    How many surveys do I have to take to get enter in the contest?
  11. missdecember82

    Anybody ever heard of Waitrapp?

    It's a terrific site, I have been using it for 5 months and I love it :).
  12. missdecember82

    Checking in

    I'm going to try not to miss a day checking in everyday next month.
  13. missdecember82


    Is it alright to take other people's medicine, even if you have an ailment, that they previously had?
  14. missdecember82

    I'm back sorry for being mia

    Welcome back, heavenlygirl and my deepest condolences to you and your family, I know how it feels to lose a loved one, because I lost my someone dear to me 7 months ago, my grandma.
  15. missdecember82

    4th of July

  16. missdecember82

    Checking in

    :( Then I already messed up on getting this .50 check in bonus. I can't believe that I messed checking in on July 2nd, I don't know how I missed that one.:(
  17. missdecember82

    Checking in

    If I miss one day of checking in, will I still get the fifty cents at the end of the month?
  18. missdecember82

    Crazy Hot July Survey Contest!

    How can I enter the Crazy Hot Survey Contest?
  19. missdecember82

    Trying to get referrals

    Thanks. :)