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    payment in june

    hi, I have my payment set at $20 always have had it that way. I reached the $20 mark for April, but it says my payment wont be sent until June? Why is that? can some one please tell me. Ty Chris
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    Live Sample Surveys

    Hello, I see there is a thread about this topic already, but not sure where to post, if i posted in wrong place im sorrry. Any way I have been having the same problem with live sample with no surveys being available. I know there r alot of factors involved, but it has never been this bad. I...
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    Dwolla PaymentFor April

    Hi, I have not received my Dwolla payment for April yet? Can I please be told why not, and when I will receive it? Thank you, Chris
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    Sorry about putting my last post in the wrong thread again... was not sure where to put it.
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    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas to all cashcrate members and administrators :banana:
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    Top Surveys

    Hi, I don't know if there is a thread about this or not? Sorry if there is and I missed it. Is anyone having problems with no top surveys showing up after clicking the tab? Even the links to the profile surveys are gone, and I had 2 there that I did not complete yet, Video games and travel. I...
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    Top Surveys

    Just completed a $6 dollar survey from the top surveys, and only took 22 mins to do it! Got to love those top surveys:banana:
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    My Best Month

    Just wanted to say this is my best month to date. Still a week to go, to go higher!!:banana:
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    Web and Blog hosting

    Hi All, First I hope I am posting in the right place? I have looked through the posts, but can't see to find my answer. Does anyone know where i can get good reliable web hosting? Either free or low cost to start. My wife is very talented at crafts and seamstress and we r trying to start a...
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    Dwolla Question

    Hi, I just changed my payment method to dwolla. It says to enter my email of phone number in the dwolla account box? I'm not sure since there is only 1 box to enter info in, and says to enter my dwolla account number. Should it be my actual dwolla account number or my email or phone associated...
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    Direct Deposit

    Hi All, I would like to change my payment options to direct deposit. But I noticed that when I go into my account settings, and click the payments options, I see that there is not a https secure page? Am i doing something wrong or is it a secure page? I dont want to put my bank info over a non...
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    Please Pray For The Familys Of The Sandy Hook Elementary School

    I have lots of family in the Newton and Newington area, and by the grace of God none of my family members were effected by this horrible tragedy. However some of my families friends and neighbors have been effected by this tragedy. I do not know names, but that does matter. So please pray for...
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    Opinion Central

    Hi all, Does anyone know why opinion central surveys are in Spanish? I have tryed a few times today and it keeps happening? Is this happening to anyone else? No disrespect i just dont know Spanish . Thanks
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    Beer Pong Game

    Hi, Just a not e to say i tried downloading and installing beer pong game, and my norton virus said it had threats and was not safe.
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    Bonus Surveys

    Hi, I atomically log into cc when i click check in. After that when i click on the bonus survey tab I get the word "error" right below the offers tab on the main tab menu at the bottom of the page? I log out and then log back in again, and re click the peanut labs tab it works fine? When I close...
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    Hi, Has anyone had problems viewing videos? For the last 2 days I have been trying to view them, and clicking on the link nothing happens? Can someone give me some feedback. thanks
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    whats this?

    Hi all can someone please tell me what this offer is? The offer is it takes me to some kind of cc page here is the link it opens up in when u click on the icon
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    Search For an offer

    Hi All, Was just wondering if there was a way to search offers by name? or even by type of offer, instead of having to go through all the pages! Thanks ! :)
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    Toolbar Question

    Hi All, I have the toolbar installed on my desktop and laptop. When I do searches on either toolbar are the searches counted together? or separately? Thanks:banana:
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    Available Surveys

    Hi all was just wondering if anyone else is having problems getting surveys this week? It seems I can not get any at all right now? Been trying since Sunday night and no luck?? Thanks