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    What did you spend on Black Friday/Weekend/Upcoming Cyber Monday?

    Me personally, I bought 9 PS3 games from GameStops buy 2 get 1 free deal :D Tell me what you guys are planning on getting or what you have already purchased :)
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    It looks like you won

    I envy you a little bit Coutney lol :)
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    Cashing Out In Amazon GiftCards?

    I was wondering if CashCrate could make an option that allows you to pick what you would like to cash out in. I really would like some Amazon GiftCards and I don't see a fraud problem since it doesn't require bank information, address, etc. Could this be a feature that CashCrate might look into...
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    How Much Have You Made So Far In August?

    Just a thread for the upcoming month called August :D Post all your earnings here and good luck!
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    Well that was a waste of 2 points...

    Yeah I know exactly what you are talking about. Couldn't CashCrate make it so that if something pops up on your screen like that the game will pause so it doesn't keep going and you lose your points over something that you couldn't control?
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    Would you wear this? Help please.

    I was looking around amazon and I wanted to buy this product: Does it look like a girls necklace to you? Would you wear it as a guy? I already placed an order on it but is this for both genders or only females? I'm just asking...
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    do you have to dowload something to play games?

    You have to have at least 2 points to play in the Daily tournament and 1 point to play in the weekly.
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    Need Help On A Good Welcome Message

    I know that having a good welcome message is critical in order to make referrals become active but I think the one I have right now isn't a really good one. I think it is very long and boring to read. I am using my referrers welcome message as mine. I did a little bit of tweaking but my work...
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    How Much Have You Made So Far In April?

    We are almost getting ready to start of April so I'm just getting ready to start of this thread :) Make sure you post your earnings stats throughout April here!
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    How many points have you won/lost with the games?

    That's strange. I never see you on any of the leaderboards :confused:
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    Toader questions

    The problem isn't that I die. I usually have 2 frogs when the timer run out. It just runs out so fast that I am only at around 40k-50k. Maybe I need to move faster or something. Hmm I will figure it out...
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    Toader questions

    I usually max out at 40k when the timer runs out and how in the world is it possible to get up to 75k+. Anybody have any tips they would like to share in how to get higher points faster and stuff? Anything is appreciated :)
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    How Much Have You Made So Far In March?

    Getting this thread ready for next month! Remember this year February ends on the 28th! So if you still haven't made payout you got about 3-4 days. Good luck to everyone in making lots of money in March! :)
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    Points to play for int. members

    You could also try submitting a Payment of anything you have received from CashCrate and instantly get 20 points :)
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    Anybody Up For A Link Exchange?

    As the title states, anybody want to do a link exchange? If you don't know what a link exchange is, it is when I put your link on my blog and vice-versa. This helps with your blog/website ranking higher in the search engines. Because I cannot list my blog here (due to other GPT sites being on...
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    How Much Have You Made So Far In January?

    I know this is early but it's time to get ready for a brand new year here at CashCrate. I hope every member makes tons of money and has a great time on CashCrate in 2010. God bless you all and have a Merry Christmas and New Year. Once the New Year starts, post the amount you have earned in...
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    Forum Stats Have Boomed!

    I logged on to the forum today and I scrolled down to see who was on. I saw a list with more than a 100 names and that's insane! This forum promotion and the unifying CashCrate account with forum has really done this forum well and I see a lot of new people. To the person that came up with the...
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    My New Forum - RuneScape Heaven

    I have recently created a forum and I would like to hear some feedback and maybe some tips on good ways to promote a forum. Any comments and suggestions are greatly appreciated. If you have any questions just leave a reply and I will make sure I answer :) RuneScape Heaven
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    Best Free Forum Builder

    I am looking into building my own forum and I was wondering what builder I should use. I was planning on using Vbulletin but there is no way I'm going to pay that outrageous price. I am planning on using as my builder. Are there any better ones that you would...
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    Official "I Have No Offers!" FAQ Thread

    Since I'm constantly seeing members outside of the USA post threads asking "Why don't I have any offers?" I decided to make this thread to avoid clutter and keep all the explanations in one thread. Q: I see other members have 13 pages of offers while I only have 2. What's wrong? A: If you live...