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  1. missdecember82

    St. Patrick's Day

  2. missdecember82

    Another shopping trip

    Me, my little niece, and my sister are going on another shopping trip with our church, this time it's going to be in Jackson, Mississippi. We're going to tour the Mississippi Civil Rights Museum and afterwards we're shopping at the Outlets of Mississippi. I am really excited about this trip! :) :)
  3. missdecember82

    I'm back

    Hi y0urfav0riteh0megirl, welcome back.
  4. missdecember82

    Brand New Contest for a Brand New Year

    Wow.. a new contest for the New Year, I'm going to go check it out.
  5. missdecember82

    Winter wonderland

    Wow, that's a lot of snow. I wish it snowed down here where I live at, it just been raining alot. but anyways thanks for sharing those pics.. they're really neat :).
  6. missdecember82

    Huge Holiday Contest! $1,000's of Dollars in Prizes!

    Looks like I missed the contest :(. When will there be another?
  7. missdecember82

    Today's my birthday

    I did. I order some pizza from Pizza Hut and a lot of other food, and along with the Triple Chocolate brownies, which was good :D. Later on, went to church where they had a Christmas concert. I had a good time today, the best birthday ever! :) :)
  8. missdecember82

    Today's my birthday

    Thanks. Dana :)
  9. missdecember82

    Here's a funny birthday game you all should try.

    This was my funny answer: I hugged an ipod because the voices told me to.
  10. missdecember82

    Here's a funny birthday game you all should try.

    Here's The Birthday Game , Get Yo Funny Answers and Write them In Comments and Spread the LOL's !!!!!!!!!!
  11. missdecember82

    Today's my birthday

  12. missdecember82

    Six days left til my birthday

    Yeah it is, we have something in common.
  13. missdecember82

    Six days left til my birthday

    Thanks Dana and Beth :)
  14. missdecember82

    Six days left til my birthday

    I have a birthday coming up in six days, I'll be 44. Can't wait til my special day :).
  15. missdecember82

    Shopping trip

    That was a trip that I would never forget.
  16. missdecember82

    Shopping trip

    They had lots of stores out there, with nice things even great food vendors. There even shops on the other side that we didn't get to go to. I sure would like to go out there again. Anyways I had such a great time, it was so much fun.
  17. missdecember82

    Shopping trip

    Yeah, that's it. Really?
  18. missdecember82

    Shopping trip

    Tomorrow morning, me, my sister and her little girl are going to Texas with our church, we're going to the Flea Market in Canton. I am so excited :D:).
  19. missdecember82

    Didn't receive my check

    My payment was sent off on the 16th of this month and it's the 28th. How long does it for it to come?
  20. missdecember82

    What do you think is better typing on keyboard or using Speech Recognition?

    Lol... Using Speech recognition is fun, once you get the hang of it.