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    New International Daily Surveys

    We've just made the Samplicious daily survey available to users from Canada, Mexico, France, Switzerland, Czech Republic and United Kingdom. It pays $1 and can be completed once every 24 hours.
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    New Daily Survey

    We're happy to announce that we've added another new daily survey open to our US members. Global Test Market pays $0.75 per survey completion and can be completed once per day.
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    Daily Survey Updates

    I know there's been a lot of talk about the daily surveys lately, especially with some new ones being added. So first off, My Thought Counts was bumped to $1 for US members on Thursday, this has now gone back down to $0.80 as we were testing out a longer version of the survey but it wasn't...
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    Happy birthday Patrick!

    Everyone wish Patrick a happy birthday today, he's the brains behind the development of CashCrate and is a great guy. Happy birthday Patty :)
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    Tweet tweet

    Be sure to follow Cratey on Twitter Also, make sure you become a fan of our FB fan page in order to not miss out on coupons and other bonus opportunities.
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    April Contest

    For the month of April we are holding a contest to reward our top 10 users who complete the most number of offers and daily surveys with cash! Keep an eye on the contest leaderboard to see where you sit and check back often as we have a lot of great new offers planned for this month. Good luck...
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    CashCrate Facebook Fan Page

    Sign-up for our new Facebook CashCrate fan page! You can also grab a coupon code over at the page good for $0.25. Watch the page for more promotions and money making opportunities.
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    For any fans of MGMT, you can stream their new album (on sale April 17th) at Just started listening to it, I'll post back with my thoughts on it once I've listened through it a few times.
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    Hot New Offers

    Bidz, Sims 3 Community, Toyota Sienna, Home Based Bailout and Amazing Home Opportunity are some great new offers that were all added within the last few days. We're seeing awesome approval rates on these - so get them done while they're still here, who knows how long they'll last!
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    Happy New Years Everyone!

    Hope everyone has a safe and fun evening tonight! Happy new years and best of luck to everybody in 2010, both with CashCrate and the rest of your lives.
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    Well, there's no thread yet so let me start one. James Cameron wrote this script a decade and a half ago and was told that the technology was just not advanced enough for him to do it properly. So, I believe he said he pulled the script back out in about 2005 and decided that it could finally...
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    Holiday Giveaway 2009

    After the tremendous success of last year’s holiday contest, we have decided to do it again. Thousands of dollars in prizes will be awarded to the top 50 users who earn the most “Crates”. The contest will run from September 1st till December 15th. Crates will be awarded as...
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    CashCrate Games Launched

    We have launched the CashCrate Games section once again, this time it's a bit different. There is no download required and the tournaments are way less confusing. They are skill based games that you can play in your browser and compete against fellow CashCrate gamers for points...
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    VistaPrint Business Card Offer Is Back!

    Check it out, just added it along with a lot of other free sample offers from VistaPrint - they're in the points section :)
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    Thursday Night Song Thread

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    May Referral Contest

    Sorry for the late announcement, but we've decided to have a referral contest for the month of May! We will be rewarding the ten users who refer the most new members who complete at least one offer or daily survey. You can see the prizes and leaderboard on the contests page.
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    April Earnings Contest

    After the tremendous success of the March offers contest, we've decided to do it again! We're giving away over $600 in cash again to the 20 users who earn the most by completing offers and daily surveys. Check the contests page for prize amounts and standings! -Carter
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    Confirmation Problems

    It seems we're having a few issues on our end with offers confirming right now. Rest assured that all the completions are there, they just haven't been processed right now. We're working our hardest to get them all processed as quickly as we can. Thanks for your patience, Carter
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    Medical Savings Help

    If you haven't done this offer yet, now is a great chance! I bumped the payout to $2 for the rest of today.
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    New Design

    Any feedback?