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    What happened to the search bar? I refreshed the page and it's gone. I even logged out and logged back in and it still isn't there:confused:
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    July payment

    When I click on my earnings it says that my payment is processing...but I thought the checks go out on the 1st of the month:confused:
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    Check In

    When I refreshed the page this morning the daily check in credited for June instead of there a way to fix this?
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    Cash Videos

    I'm having a problem with the cash videos. When I click on Videos it opens up a black box which is supposed to load a Paraguard video but it never loads and plays. Is there a way to take it down and put back up the click videos instead?
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    Encraves are not working. When you click on one it brings up a blank page:mad:
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    W9 Question

    I'm thinking I'm going to have to fill out a W9 form soon. If I send it to you, what do you do with it? Is it something I should take to my accountant when it's time to prepare taxes? I use this site as a source of income so I was wondering.
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    Your Surveys Question

    I started doing a survey under Your Surveys but I couldn't finish it. So I x'd out of it and opened a new tab to try to do another survey. Now when I click on Your Surveys it brings me to a page that says that once I share basic info they can match me up to surveys. Whenever I click on continue...
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    Encrave amounts

    Any idea why some Encraves are paying less? For Example, the Savings Encrave used to pay 2 cents per completion, now it's only paying 1 cent. Just wondering...glad to have them anyway:)
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    Hello! I'm just wondering how often Encraves are available..the past two months I had a lot of Encrave videos to watch and this month I have maybe 3-4. Hope more of them show up soon :)
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    Encraves not working

    There are a bunch of encraves listed but when you click on any of them it brings you to a blank page that says please wait....nothing happens. They were working fine earlier. What's going on?:confused:
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    Videos & More Encrave Knowledge

    The encrave activity knowledge- know these life lessons is not working. when you click on it there is an error message.
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    Daily Surveys question

    Do you have any idea why some of the Daily Surveys went from $0.90 to $0.85?
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    Video points offer

    Any idea when the video points offers will be back? I haven't seen them for several weeks and I really like earning points that way :banana:
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    New Points Offers Question

    When I click on New Points Offers and click Watch this Video a message pops up that says: 404 Not Found It says this for all the video point there a glitch somewhere? These video point offers have been working fine for me the past couple of days.
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    Videos update?

    Just wondering...any update on when videos will be available? It's already halfway thru the month and I haven't seen any videos...I check at different times and so far, nothing. :confused:
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    Lack of videos

    Just wondering...any idea when videos will be available? In December the videos tab was up constantly and I was able to watch a lot of them and make more money. So far I haven't seen any videos available this month and I really miss them :)
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    Daily check in

    I did the daily check in at midnight and it looks like it credited for November's amount. Is there any way to correct this so it counts towards December's amount? Thanks :)
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    Any idea when videos will be available? I haven't seen them yet this month. Really enjoy them :)
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    Just got on and saw the videos tab available. I click on it and this message pops up saying there are no videos available and to please check back later. Is there a glitch somewhere? I thought it there weren't any videos available that the videos tab wouldn't show up? I get excited when the...
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    Daily Survey Problem

    For the past several days, I have been unable to even qualify for any of the daily there an issue somewhere? I would like to be able to at least qualify for daily surveys. I have tried at different times for 4 days now and no luck yet.