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    No invitation from Swagucks yet

    What about the ones that are inactive? I don't even remember having an account there. If I did make one, it was probably years ago and I doubt I even really used it. I certainly don't remember ever cashing out there.
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    No invitation from Swagucks yet

    Just confirming that I still haven't received an invitation yet. Please let us know when there's an update. I'll keep an eye on my E-Mail.
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    No invitation from Swagucks yet

    Thanks for the update Greg. I appreciate it. :)
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    No invitation from Swagucks yet

    I haven't received an email from Swagbucks at all. I hope there's nothing wrong.
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    Live Sample Surveys

    I cleared one of these a little while ago, but it didn't credit. I don't think it's delayed, because when I tried to refresh the main Cashcrate page after completing the survey, it said I was getting an "http error 503" and couldn't load Cashcrate. I tried it on another browser, and on my phone...
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    Live Sample 'Submit' button issue

    I'm having issues with this as well. It was doing it to me the other day, and I'm still getting this problem today as well. I tried refreshing, using another browser, and re-entering LiveSample and it still persists. I hope they fix this issue because a lot of the money I make on here is through...
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    payment not sent still says processing

    Hello CashCrate Dana. I have a few questions. I've been sending in some support tickets regarding payment, but I'm a bit pressed for time so I thought I'd also post in here. I have my account set up for direct deposit. The website states that you sent out my $120.53 on Tuesday. I called my bank...