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    No invitation from Swagucks yet

    My points is the sister site of Swagbucks with all the overload of everyone going to swagbucks we are now being directed to mypoints
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    No invitation from Swagucks yet

    The people who own Swagbucks also own another site, MyPoints, and they're open to the possibility of having us send people there instead of Swagbucks. That's likely what we'll do. It isn't ready to go, yet, though. If you aren't eligible for the $20 bonuses on Swagbucks due to having an account...
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    No invitation from Swagucks yet

    also no bonus money and I never joined anyone of these sites before
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    No invitation from Swagucks yet

    I Joined swagbucks through here but the email conformation came from my points
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    Cashcrate closing

    i wish
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    Cashcrate closing

    I am s sad after 8 years on C ashcrate this was my Life. I met so many greeat people. I will miss you all this was the best site nothing else even compares. Good Luck to everyone. Ty CC for all the memories and cherished friends. Laura
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    keep in touch do you have a facebook acct so we can all keep track of each other and figure the...

    keep in touch do you have a facebook acct so we can all keep track of each other and figure the best sites to go to next. Laura
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    Cashcrate closing

    we both felt it
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    No contest this month ??

    There will be NO contest this month thats according to Greg maybe because its a short month
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    This month payment....

    Unless they send your payment friends and family on paypal they take a %
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    weekly payout question

    as long as they didnt clear money yet your good as gold. plus its a weekend and a holiday. so my guess is checks will be delayed due to the holiday. Merry Christmas and happy new Yeaar
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    Kristine Has Earned on CashCrate for Over a Decade!

    wtg Kristine keep up the good work :) congrats
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    My Lifetime Achievements

    I Just made a new Milestone almost 5 years later and I Have made a record lifetime Earnings of $15,000. I cant wait to make my next goal. Ty Cashcrate
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    Huge Holiday Contest! Thousands of Dollars in Prizes!

    2nd place Holiday Contest I* am so excited I came in 2 nd in the holiday contest and got my Ipad 4 mini 16gb today I am ecstatic can't wait to use it
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    It's amazing how fast time goes by as of tomorrow Aug 1 st I will be celebrating my 4th anniversary with Cashcrate. at 1st I was a very big skeptic. I thought no way is this legitimate. I figured it was a scam but I didn't have to put any money out and figured I would give it a shot nothing to...
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    seems this survey is on the blink server application error
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    3 years ago something great happened to me I became a member of cash crate not knowing what to expect. I was very skeptical but that changed very quickly. 3 years later I have made over $10,700 and won awesome prizes besides that and made great friends. Ty Cash Crate