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  1. Ryu4life

    Which Surveys/Offers approved for you today?

    Its been loading slowly for me off and on the last few days
  2. Ryu4life

    How many surveys have you completed till now in CashCrate ?

    I have completed 2159 surveys so far
  3. Ryu4life

    weekly payout question

    Are weekly payments delayed this week? My money is still showing in my cashcrate balance even though it said "Your payment will be sent in 8th of January" Monday.
  4. Ryu4life

    Problem with Your Surveys

    This happens to me as well and I can only guess that there is a limit to how many coins you can earn from DQ'ed surveys because even when that happens, I still get credited when i complete a TapResearch survey even if it doesnt show the credited amount on TapResearch.
  5. Ryu4life

    What happened to pulley surveys under the Best Surveys tab and Surveys tab?

    Its missing for me as well. Was worried why they were gone.
  6. Ryu4life

    The Forum is Back Cash Captions Contest!!!

    Looks like someone overdid it in the fountain of youth.