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  1. CashCrate Wendy

    Rock Sculpture

    Have you ever painted rocks?
  2. CashCrate Wendy

    Mother's Day

    I usually try to get my mom something that she wouldn't buy for herself. It doesn't have to be expensive, just a little 'happy' that she would say she didn't have to have. This year we are going out to eat at her favorite place and I'm going to surprise her with a piece of artwork for her living...
  3. CashCrate Wendy

    Let's Keep the Administators/Moderators Busy (Game)!

    I wonder how long it will take for us to get 1976 pages on this thread
  4. CashCrate Wendy

    Let's Keep the Administators/Moderators Busy (Game)!

    1974 ,it was a good year
  5. CashCrate Wendy

    Personalizing your Forum Account

    This was in the top 3 requested changes, so glad it was added!
  6. CashCrate Wendy

    April Surveys Contest

    I’m always so impressed the the number of completions for the contests! There’s still time for that final push to rank
  7. CashCrate Wendy

    Long weekend

    We have a long weekend coming up for Memorial Day celebrations. Are you planning to travel or stay home and relax with your day off?
  8. CashCrate Wendy

    Spring Break Desinations

    I am looking forward to a Spring Break trip. Are you planning any fun now that the weather is turning warmer soon? Where is your favorite Spring and Summer destination?
  9. CashCrate Wendy

    Favorite Game

    Any of the card games!
  10. CashCrate Wendy

    Tax Free Weekend

    Did you know that most states have a certain weekend each year that is 'tax free' on many items. Some state even include computers! It usually happens a few weeks before school starts up in the fall. You can see a list of all the states to find out if yours participates here...
  11. CashCrate Wendy

    Walmart Shopping

    Tip to save you some cash --- If you use the Walmart shopping link on Cashcrate, you get back 2% of your purchase. THEN, take your receipt and scan it into the Walmart savings app that you can download on your phone, or use online on their website. They will check for local offers in your area...
  12. CashCrate Wendy

    Kroger Freebies

    Do you have a Kroger near you? If so, I'm sure you have the Kroger card to save on their weekly specials. You also should download the Kroger app or visit them online. They have special coupons that you download to your card. You don't have to print them out at all, and they come off your total...
  13. CashCrate Wendy

    Crates! $1 Winner 9 - 27 - 15

    Every dollar counts! Congrats
  14. CashCrate Wendy

    Daily Games not back

    There is an issue with games right now, Development is working to fix it.
  15. CashCrate Wendy

    game is confusing

    Which game did you have trouble with?
  16. CashCrate Wendy

    Can't play any games

    I know there was an issue with games a few days ago, but I haven't heard an update on it. I'll see if Dana can give us an update
  17. CashCrate Wendy

    $50 Amazon Gift Card!

    I just received a $50 Amazon Gift Card from a survey! I honestly can't remember how long ago I took it, but I do remember it promised an Amazon Gift card for taking the full survey. I was so happy to see that email today! Thank you Cashcrate for continuing to bring us quality partners who keep...
  18. CashCrate Wendy

    Favorite Games on Cashcrate?

    Crates is my favorite but I also like Mahjong Pyramid
  19. CashCrate Wendy

    Crates Game

    That's awesome!
  20. CashCrate Wendy

    Free Admission to National Parks

    These are the national parks free days for 2014: January 20 for Martin Luther King Jr. Day February 15-17 for President's Day April 19-20 for National Park Week August 25 for National Park Service Birthday September 27 for National Public Lands Day November 11 for...