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    check got messed up

    :mad: how long would it take for support to send me another check somehow some of my numbers at the bottom of it got rubbed I cant cash it.
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    Posted my check twice and didnt realize I did it right the first time....:banana:
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    Flv Blaster offer

    I believe the flv blaster offer has a trojan in it. my virus scanner picked it up.
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    i got a praposal for the site

    the mailbox should be a little bigger and moved to a different place. It was a month before i even noticed the mailbox. And mailbox speed should improve and be a little faster instead of a two day wait time.... just a thought... :)
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    I hate tornadoes

    But i do miss cashcrate these past couple of days :banana:
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    hi all i been involved with cashcrate since nov. wasnt to much of an active member in dec. Now i'm waiting for my first check. Cashcrate is awesome... !!!!!!!